How to use a Blowtorch properly!

The blowtorch is a must-have item for resin DIY. However, to use it correctly and safely, you need to know the components of the blowtorch first.

1. Minus Button – Plus Button :

Used to adjust the strength of the flame that you want. You should push the button to the minus sign when you want a soft flame and push the button to the plus sign when you want to increase the power of the flame.

2. Hissing – Lighter Button:

Every time before using the blowtorch, you need to push the button to the left at the hissing light and push the button to the right when you want to use the lighter. Do not keep the button on the lighter because the light will not turn on.

3. On/Off Switch:

Press and hold to turn on the blowtorch and release your hand when you want to stop using it.

4. Tank for storing gas:

Used to store the gas.

5. A hole for filling gas:

Used for filling gas when the gas is empty. The gas that can be used for filling is BUGA FLAME GAS only. To fill up the gas is so simple. Just put the gas nozzle into the gas filling hole and push, at this moment, you need to notice the hissing sound when the gas is full. 

Once the gas is fully filled up, you can now use the blowtorch as effectively as before.