Why is Resin not hardening? How to fix it?

Have you ever tried to cast resin and failed because it did not get hardened? 
There are 2 reasons why epoxy resin is not fully hardened:

1. Not mixing Part A and Part B in the right proportion (2 : 1).

If you are using EASY RESIN, always remember that Part A (Resin) must be twice the ratio of Part B (Hardener). For example, if you want to use 300 grams of resin, you can separate the proportions as follows: 

Part A 200 gram
Part B 100 gram 

After getting the right proportion, you can now pour the two ingredients together and use a popsicle stick to stir them for about 5 minutes until the they are well blended. Another most common reason that could happen is when you measure exactly as stated, but still the resin is not hardening. We recommend you check your scale, as it may be caused by a scale that is not standard enough.

2. Not stirring Part A and Part B well enough.

Mixing the resin requires those two ingredients to be well mixed in order for the resin (Part A) and the hardener (Part B) to solidify. When you are mixing correctly, you will see the resin in layers or lines as shown below.

We recommend you stir them for approximately 5 – 10 minutes, or when it is visible enough to make sure they are well blended. We also recommend you pour the mixed resin into a new container and stir them again so that the resin at the bottom and the part that you can’t reach can be combined. However, this may cause more air bubbles on the resin, but in the end, you can get rid of air bubbles by using the blowtorch.