What materials does epoxy resin stick to?

EASY RESIN can be used with a variety of materials.

You can use EASY RESIN to adhere to any materials that repel water!

Epoxy can be used over acrylics, watercolor, oil paint (once it’s completely dry), photographs, inkjet prints, spray paint, aluminum, marker pen, gold leaf, fabric, polymer clay, ceramics and metal.

You can also seal natural objects such as insects, flowers, leaves, stones, rocks, petals, barks and wood with resin to offer them protection once they decompose over time. Resin brings out the better colors in the objects as well! 

Don’t forget to make sure natural items are thoroughly dried.

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Those materials that do not repel water including glass, plastic, silicone, wax paper, glossy packaging tape, flute board and rubber, are usually used as molds as it won’t get attached to the molds.

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However, we recommend being cautious while pouring resin onto thermally conductive or meltable materials including crayon, candle wax, crown cap, or any other types of metal. 

As resin cures, the temperature gets higher.
When you have material like metal in resin, the temperature will rise up higher than usual and eventually cause resin to crack as heat releasing. You may want to lower the temperature down by pouring a small amount of resin at a time.

It is the best to try resin on your materials before starting your project!

Compatible with ResinNon-Compatible with Resin
WoodPlastic with glossy surface
StoneVinyl or linoleum carpet
AcrylicFlute board
Oil paintsWax Paper
PhotographsVarnished surfaces, such as, clear tape, melamine sheets, and laminated plywood
Waterproof paperUV resin
CementPolyester film
 Paper tape