How to fix resin getting hard before pouring?

Resin getting hardened before pouring is a basic problem for DIY beginners. 
The reason for that is that you have mixed resin for too long, so preparing the equipment and planning the steps of what to put first are very important in resin working, as well as having the equipment ready, such as small decorations, resin pigment, glitter,
acetone solution, various plastic glasses, and hand towels.

Here are the steps that we recommend to have the perfect workflow:

1. After mixing EASY RESIN Part A and Part B, resin will begin to harden and
will get thicken within 30 minutes, giving you

15–25 minutes to work.

2. In the first 15 – 25 minutes, you should also get rid of air bubbles
and pour the resin into the silicone mold.

3. Within 30 – 45 minutes, the resin will begin to coagulate 
(can no longer get rid of air bubbles because they are already trapped inside).

4. The resin will be completely hardened and will be ready to use within 15 – 24 hours.