Coating Wood in 4 Steps!

Do you know that coating resin on wood is not as difficult as you think? And it can only be done by following these four steps.

Equipment for wood coating

  1. Epoxy Resin (from EASY RESIN)
  2. Plastic cups or a container for mixing resin
  3. Popsicle sticks
  4. Gloves
  5. Paper tape 
  6. Resin scraper (can use popsicle sticks instead)
  7. A digital scale for measuring the water level
  8. Blowtorch
  9. Stands for the wood plank
  10. Wood plank
  11. Acetone solution


1. Prepare the equipment and the workplace

Place a plastic bag on the table to prevent resin from spilling onto the table. Then put the wood plank on the table and tape the underside of the wood plank to prevent the resin from flowing under the workpiece. After that, put the prepared wood plank on the stand so it is above the table, then use a water level measuring scale and place it on the workpiece. Check that the workpiece is not tilted to one side, as this can cause the resin to be coated with an uneven thickness.

2. Mix the right amount of resin

You can calculate the amount at by entering the size of the area that needs to be coated, and the system will calculate how many kilograms of resin are required. We have calculated that we will need a total of 300 grams of resin, so we will need

200 grams of Part A (Resin) and 100 grams of Part B (Hardener).

3. Pour the resin into the center of the workpiece.

so the resin can spread evenly.

Then use the resin scraper to spread evenly over the workpiece, or you can use a popsicle stick to spread it as well.

4. Get rid of air bubbles.

By using a blowtorch, remove air bubbles completely through the workpiece and use a sharp stick to remove the dust.

5. Wait for the workpiece to dry.

You also need to cover the workpiece to prevent dust and insects from falling into the workpiece in this step. After that, wait about 15 – 24 hours for the resin to get hardened fully. Once it is fully dry, it will look like the image below, and now it is ready to use!