4 Ways to Get Rid of Air Bubbles in Resin!

Common question! Why is the resin work always filled with air bubbles? 
First of all, you should know that air bubbles and epoxy resin belong together, so you need to chase the air bubbles away every time to make the workpiece come out smooth, beautiful, and no air bubbles.

There are 4 options of equipment that you can use to get rid of air bubbles depending on the appropriateness and size of the workpiece.

1. Toothpick

This is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. However, using the toothpick takes longer than other methods, and the resin can get hardened first. This method is suitable for small and not very thick workpieces. It can be done easily by stabbing the toothpick into the air bubbles.

2. Hair dryer

It is considered a medium-level device capable for chasing air bubbles away in resin because the wind coming out of the hair dryer is quite strong, it may cause the resin surface to move and become uneven when solidified. If it’s a small piece, it can cause the resin to flow or splash out of the mold. Therefore, the hair dryer is more suitable for making wave patterns, but not really for removing air bubbles.

3. Heat Gun

The use of a heat gun is similar to a hair dryer, but the wind from the heat gun is not as strong as so. Therefore, it is more popular for making waves than hair dryers, and it can chase away air bubbles at a medium level.

Caution :

Do not use a heat gun or a hair dryer with resin that has already become sticky because it will cause the resin surface to be tight and wrinkled.

4. Blowtorch

There are two kinds of blowtorch: 

1. Small-sized blowtorch
2. Large-sized blowtorch

You can select according to the size of the workpiece. Chasing away air bubbles with the blowtorch is considered the most effective because the blowtorch creates heat conduction without air coming out. It makes the work surface smooth, and more importantly, it is able to chase very small air bubbles (Micro Bubbles), which toothpicks, hair dryers, and heat guns cannot do. Using the blowtorch makes our workpieces come out beautiful without air bubbles in a very quick time

Caution :

Some brands cannot use the heat to remove air bubbles from epoxy resin because they contain flammable substances. You should read the instruction first before starting to remove the air bubbles. Otherwise, it can cause harm.