Pouring Resin on the Floor with 3 Meterials!

Let’s see what materials you need to pour resin on the floor!

 1. Spiked shoes (If the size of the floor is wider than 5 x 5 square meters.)

to help walking into the area that has been poured with resin, so you will not make any footprints, and it will not affect the pattern that we have drawn.

2. Resin Scraper, to spread the resin and help adjusting the surface to be even.

3. Pattern-making roller, can be used to scrape back and forth to draw patterns and make the patterns look natural.


Pour the base color or the primary color first, spread evenly over the desired area, then wait about 30 – 45 minutes for the resin to set. Then you can drop the paint, draw the pattern, and spread the color as you like, and start using the roller to spread the pattern back and forth to add more effects.