Terms of Service

Timber Wolf and Forest Thailand Co., Ltd. is located at BangBuaThong SuphanBuri Road, Lahan Subdistrict, BangBuaThong District, Nonthaburi Province, and has established a website, easy-resin.com to advertise and provide an online shopping service to its consumers, including a registered membership under these terms of service.

Therefore, consumers should read these terms of service properly because the company will assume that once consumers have access to the website for the purpose of ordering products and services, they have accepted and agreed to comply with these terms of service.

  1. If the consumers have caused damage to other consumers, they are responsible for that damage, and the company has the right to immediately revoke the membership of the user without having to notify the consumers in advance if the company has found out the following actions:
  • In their registration, the customers provided false information.
  • The consumers have revealed the username or password to other consumers.
  • Any action provided by the consumers that is against the laws or good morals of the people, or if there is a reason to believe that users enter the website with the intent of corruption,
  1. The company guarantees the accuracy, completeness, and sufficiency of the content that appears on the website. However, the company is not responsible for delays, lack of continuity of service, any disturbance or errors during the use of the website. On the other hand, the company is willing to accept the returning product in the event that the company’s products have not met the consumers’ expectations or if there are any problems with the products during transportation (please see more details on the return/return policy).
  2. The company has the right to edit, change, or cancel all or some parts of these terms of service without notifying the consumers in advance.
  3. The consumers have accepted and agreed to the company logo, concept, format, presenting content as well as software, straight code, and destination code that have been created or developed for the consumers for online shopping services, which is forbidden for anyone to copy, repeat, or modify.
  4. The consumers will not cause any action which is a violation of such intellectual property, if the company finds out that there is any violation, the company has the right to cancel the membership of the consumers temporarily or permanently or as the company deems appropriate.
  5. In the case of a payment service with a credit card, it later appeared that the payment was uncompleted for any reason whatsoever. Consumers must return the product to the company in good condition along with additional expenses, or pay for the use of products and services as evaluated by the company.
  6. These terms and conditions are under the enforcement of Thai law,

Membership Registration Service Terms and Conditions

Consumers should provide accurate personal data based on reality, as well as complete and up-to-date information, for the convenience of requesting registration, and should update their personal data if any changes occur.

Consumers should maintain the username and password as their secret. However, if consumers give or allow other people to know their personal data, username, or password, the company will consider that any action on the website is the action of the consumers themselves, and the company will not be involved in that action.