Privacy Policy

Timber Wolf and Forest Co., Ltd acknowledges the importance of personal data protection for consumers using the website and therefore provides this privacy policy to enforce the consumers personal data with criteria and supervision under the personal data protection act. The company may edit this privacy policy from time to time and consumers will be able to see the changes on our website.

  1. The company’s collection of personal data

The company will collect only the personal data that the consumers have filled in. All information will be consented by the owner of that information and all data collection will be done only necessary for the operation of the company’s objectives. The company may have more data collection after you have a transaction, both in the form of individuals and juristic persons to support the services and your consumer experience.

  1. Personal data processing

The company will process consumers personal data to provide the services that the consumers have applied for the most effectively. The company will use this information for the following objectives:

  • To create and manage consumers personal accounts
  • To provide goods or services
  • To improve future products, services and useful experiences
  • For internal administration
  • For marketing and promotion purposes
  • For after-sales support
  • Collecting suggestions
  • To purchase goods or services
  1. How to safeguard personal information and ensure safety

The company confirms that consumers personal data will be secured in accordance with the principles of secret, complete accuracy and fine conditions to prevent loss, access, use, change, correct or disclosure. In addition, the company will provide security measures to maintain the security of consumers personal data which are covers management measures, technical defense measures and physical protection measures regarding access or control of personal data.

  1. Disclose personal information

The company will only reveal your personal data to others with your consent or within the company as necessary to improve and develop our products or services and the company may sometimes gather internal information for various products or services under this policy.

  1. Rights of consumers personal data
  • Obtaining permission

Consumers have the right to revoke their consent to the storage, use or disclosure of their personal data.

  • Requesting access to personal information

Consumers can ask to access a copy of their personal data or request to reveal the acquisition of personal data.

  • Electronic data and information transfer

Consumers have the right to receive information provided to the company in an electronic form and have the right to transfer their data for use in other people’s services.

  • Opposition to the collection, use or disclosure of personally identifiable information

Consumers have the right to oppose the collection, use or disclosure of information about their data.

  • Requesting deletion or changing the status of personal data

Consumers can ask to have their personal data deleted, destroyed or made into unique information.

  • Requesting a halt to the processing of personal information

Consumers can ask the company to compromise their personal information, all or some, temporarily or permanently.

  • Correct personal data amendment

Consumers can request to edit or change their personal information in the event that their personal information is incorrect and they can correct their information.

  1. Contact information

If consumers want to inquire about this privacy policy, including requesting various rights, they can contact the company as follows.

Timber Wolf and Forest Company

BangBuaThong-SuphanBuri Road, Lahan Subdistrict, BangBuaThong District, Nonthaburi Province.

Email : [email protected]

Phone : 091-767-3305