• When Normal Epoxy Resin gets hardened, customers have to rub until it becomes transparent, on the other hand, Easy Epoxy Resin will be clear right after it is hardened!
  • Easy Epoxy Resin was created especially for DIY users! It has no smell and is very convenient to handle.
  • Our products are anti-yellowing, it takes longer to get yellow compared to Epoxy Resin from other brands.
  • Customers can easily chase the air bubbles with Easy Epoxy Resin, the result will be very neat and clear!
  • Stronger and more durable than Wood and Mirror.
  • Suitable for both Small and Big Crafting!

Epoxy Resin usually gets yellow after a while, but our products are anti-yellowing, it takes longer to get yellow depending on the sunlight.

Nowadays, there is no food grade of Epoxy Resin available in Thailand. We do not recommend any customers to use Epoxy Resin with food.

We recommend customers directly order from aboard. (The price is higher.)

For further information, please contact Line: @EasyResin or Tel: 091-767-3305

Easy Resin can resist the heat up to 250 degrees Celsius. If the temperature gets too hot, it will soften the resin, so the resin can lose its shape. However, when the resin has cured, it will harden as before. Typically, the resin is heat resistant in the same way that ceramic coffee mugs differ from a pot or pan that can withstand temperatures of more than 250 degrees Celsius.

The products from Easy Resin can be stored for 10–12 months after opening the lid and can last about 1 year if the lid is not opened. We recommend keeping the products out of the reach of children, staying out of the sun to prevent yellowing, and closing the lid tightly after every use, otherwise the resin may get sticky and harden.

You can coat the resin with as many layers as you want. If you see that the first layer poured has dust or air bubbles, the first step is to use sandpaper to remove air bubbles or dust before pouring another layer of resin onto the workpiece. Sanding the workpiece first will allow the hardened resin to have a matt surface, and this will make the next layer of resin coating adhere to the original surface more firmly. Consequently, the turbidity from the sandpaper will disappear when the next layer of resin is poured.

Easy Resin can be poured with a thickness of 2–3 centimeters depending on:

  1. The size of the workpiece (We recommend pouring less than 2 centimeters if the workpiece is larger than 1 meter or more.)
  2. Room temperature. If it is in a room with a low temperature or with an air conditioner in the room, it will pour thicker than in a place that is hot and humid. Because of the resin curing reaction, there will be sweltering heat within 30–45 minutes after mixing resin A and hardener B. However, if the room temperature is very hot, we recommend opening a window or using a cooling fan to prevent the resin from cracking.

**You can also use CastEpoxy which can be poured up to 15 centimeters at a time to cast a very thick workpiece.**

EASY RESIN will begin to harden into gel form within 45 minutes, touchable within 2 hours, and completely hardened within 15–24 hours (cure time) depending on room temperature. It is faster for the resin to harden at a hot temperature than at a cool temperature.