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Silica Sand


Silica Sand


Silica sand can be used to absorb the moisture from the petals making the flowers retain their color, beauty, attractiveness and longevity.
The flowers can also be cast in epoxy resin after being dried with silica sand.
500 G. 500 G.1 KG. 1 KG.

ซื้อสินค้านี้ตอนนี้จะได้รับ 530 คะแนน.

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High-quality silica sands.

Size : 500 G. and 1 KG.

How to use Silica Sand :

  1. Make a sufficient size box then pour just enough silica sands to cover the box’s surface.
  2. Put the flowers into the sands and completely cover them with silica sand.
  3. Close the box.
  4. Wait for 7 – 14 days depending on the size of the flowers.


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