DIY Cotta Terrazzo Set

DIY COTTA Terrazzo starter kit for the beginners! 
Everything you need to get started with Easy Resin all-in-one kit which is compact, easy and safe. Let’s have fun at home !

DIY COTTA Terrazzo Set includes

  1. 600g of COTTA Powder 
  2. 240g of COTTA Liquid
  3. Silicone Plant Pot Mold 
  4. Silicone Round Coaster Mold 
  5. Pigments (black, blue, red, green, and yellow)
  6. Cotta Wax
  7. Plastic Spoon
  8. Measuring Cup 
  9. Mixing Cups
  10. Popsicle Sticks
  11. A Pair of Gloves
  12. Instruction sheet

How to Ratio 100:40

**If the admixture is too sticky, feel free to add a little more COTTA liquid.**

  1. Add Cotta Powder(A) and Cotta Liquid(B) into mixing cups by using a measuring cup.
  2. Stir up for approximately 5-10 minutes and add pigment (Optional).
  3. Pour mixed cotta into prepared silicone mold.
  4. Wait after 5-6 hours until the workpiece completely dried then remove it from the mold. 

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