DIY Resin Coaster Set

               DIY resin coaster kit for beginners!

         Everything you need to get started with Easy Resin. This all-in-one kit is compact, easy, and safe.

                      Let’s have fun at home!

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Positive Feedbacks Over 25,000 Reviews

Positive Feedbacks Over 25,000 Reviews

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What is Resin ?

Resin can be divided into 2 categories. Natural resin, or as well-known “Amber”, and “Synthetic resin” (widely used nowadays), which results from the use of chemicals in production. Synthetic resin can be divided into 2 other types as follows:

1. Thermoplastic: a type of plastic that melts when heated and solidifies when cooled. can be recycled, such as plastic water bottles.

2. Thermoset: a plastic that must be mixed with hardener to solidify, and when it is hardened, it cannot be melted again, such as a resin phone case. There are 3 types of Thermoset :

  • Polyester: such as fiber parts on boats or cars.
  • Epoxy: suitable for table coating and various furniture projects.
  • Polyurethane : such as the foam in the cushion or the black parts behind the pickup trucks.

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