What is Epoxy Resin? Is it really the BEST type of Resin?

Anyone who is interested in starting Resin art must be confused about “Clear Casting Resin” and “Epoxy Resin”. Today, we are going to explain you all in just few minutes of reading. Let’s get started!

What is the most common type of clear-casting resin? 

This can be further subdivided into more than 10 types such as polyester resin, carbon resin, clear cast resin, soft resin, foam coated resin, fiberglass resin, cast resin, etc.

The outstanding features of general clear casting resins are:

  1. Suitable for specific work, not replacable with other types of resin.
  2. Dry quickly.  

All of these resins have the following specifications:

Suitable for specific work.Such as carbon resin, which is suitable for making auto parts; fiberglass resin, which is suitable for framing work; or foam coated resin, which is only suitable for foam coating.
Dry quickly Some resins can dry in as little as 5 – 30 minutes.
Pungent smell During and after the casting, it takes 3–5 days for the pungent smell to disappear.
Slightly ShrinkOnce the resin has hardened, there is a slight shrinkage.
There are air bubbles trapped inside the resin.Suitable for workpieces that do not show transparency.
Cheap and easy to find.

What is Epoxy Resin? 

“Epoxy Resin” is therefore developed to have a variety of formulations that can be suitable for many types of work, and its use is broader than other common resin.  

Epoxy resin is considered the highest quality grade of resin type ever. The outstanding points of epoxy resin are:

  1. Solidity
  2. Clearness and transparency

Epoxy resin has the following specifications:

Suitable for a variety of workpiecesCan be used for almost all types of resins. For example, epoxy resin can be used instead of carbon work, or fiberglass resin.
Epoxy resin is suitable for small to large workpieces.
Material strength and adhesionWhen epoxy resin gets hardened, it will have high-strength impact resistance and can carry a lot of weight. 
Clear and gleamingMore glossy than all types of resins without having to waste time polishing like other resin.
Low shrinkage rateThe shrinkage rate is lower than other resin. It also reduces the chances of buckling, warping, and cracking.
High heat resistance rateIt can resist the heat up to 250 degrees Celsius.
No pungent smellNo pungent smell, allowing you to work conveniently or even at home.
Epoxy resin takes longer to dry.Because epoxy resin focuses on transparency, the hardening time is slower than other resin.

With all the above features, epoxy resin is suitable for almost every type of resin work. Whether it’s the coating, casting, or pouring in the same body, just one set of epoxy resin, customers can therefore create a variety of resin work.

Examples of resin work ideas from epoxy resin (EASY RESIN)

Floor coating
Wood coating
Telephone case
Table coating
Artificial water by epoxy resin
Decorating/ fixing table
Resin coaster

Epoxy resin fundamentals and instructions #EASYTips

  • Mixing an incorrect ratio may result in slow or no hardening of the solution. In order to make the workpiece come out smooth, you should always mix the right ratio as specified or recommended by the manufacturer. For example, EASY RESIN’s ratio is 2 : 1.
  • During the hardening of epoxy, there will be volatile smoke floating in the air. It can affect the respiratory system (especially if used regularly). Users should avoid inhalation and choose a well-ventilated workplace.
  • All resin will get yellow over time when it has not been used for a long time. The preliminary method of slowing down is to be kept away from sunlight. Alternately, choose a slow-yellowing liquid formulation, such as epoxy from EASY RESIN, which has been developed and specifically designed for a long-lasting solution. 
  • Most epoxy resins have the disadvantage that it is difficult to get rid of air bubbles. However, EASY RESIN’s epoxy is different. It is super easy to remove air bubbles, and even more if you use a blowtorch to chase the air bubbles, we guarantee that the air bubbles will disappear completely.
  • EASY RESIN’s products can last up to 12 months after the cap is opened, and approximately one and a half years if the cap is tightly closed. The cap should be tightly closed after every use.
  • Epoxy can take a long time to dry completely (cure, ready to use). This is for the finished resin workpiece to be durable, strong and of high quality, for example, EASY RESIN will begin to harden within 45 minutes, begin to dry within 2 hours, and after 15 – 24 hours until it is completely dry. (ready to use)

We hope our blog will be helpful to you all. If anyone has additional questions or concerns whether it is about epoxy or any additional techniques, do not hesitate to contact us directly via our EASY RESIN Facebook page.