Important Tips before you start mixing Epoxy Resin!

For anyone who starts working with Epoxy Resin for the first time, did you know that mixing the resin correctly is a very important step in order to create our projects to be strong, durable, and perfectly beautiful? On the other hand, if you mix the resin incorrectly, it may result in the resin not drying, not hardening, being soft, wet, or sticky all over. To help you all create the perfect resin project as smoothly and completely as possible, EASY RESIN has an ‘Epoxy Resin Mixing Guide’ and important mixing techniques.

1. Understand how resin works.

Creating a resin project requires you to mix two components together, including

  1. Resin, also known as Part A
  2. Hardener, also known as Part B

You will not be able to buy the resin that has been already mixed because those 2 parts may react to harden and dry inside the bottle. The important variable for mixing resin is the reaction process of Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener), so once you buy resin such as EASY RESIN, do not get confused if you see 2 bottles of reagent. It is just simply a “resin kit” that consists of resin and hardener that you have to mix them later.

2. Calculate the right amount of resin.

After understanding the resin composition, calculating the correct amount of resin is also a very significant step. To get the right measurement for your project, you need to first know the thickness, width, and length of the project. In this step, you need to prepare the thickness, width, and length of the project. Then, you can put that data into our Resin Calculation System on the EASY RESIN website.

For example, imagine you want to coat a wooden table 75 centimeters wide by 180 centimeters long at a thickness of 1 millimeter. Once you calculate with the EASY RESIN calculating system, the total amount will be 1,350 grams or 1.35 kilograms of resin.


There are various size options of resin products from EASY RESIN, from the smallest set of 300 grams to a large set of 102 kilograms for you to buy the right set, so we recommend you calculate the amount of resin required before purchasing, and when mixing the resin, use a scale or a measuring glass where you can clearly see the amount to prevent ratio discrepancy.

3. Calculate the proportion correctly.

After the calculation, here is the last important step (before the actual mixing): to get the right ratio for Part A and Part B, because you cannot just mix Part A and Part B at any ratio. This may vary depending on the resin formulation of each brand. For the EASY RESIN, the mixing ratio is 2 : 1, or Part A must always be twice the ratio of Part B.

For example: If 1,350 grams of resin are required, calculated using 2 : 1 ratio, the amount to be mixed between Part A and Part B can be divided as follows

Part A: 900 gram
Part B: 450 gram

Every resin batch of every brand will always have this ratio specified in the set, so you should check the wriiten ratio before you start mixing, because if mixed regardless of the ratio specified by the brand, the resin will not dry or harden later.


  • Some people try to increase the rate of Part B (hardener) because they think it will make the resin dry and harden faster. Yes, mixing at a ratio of 1 : 1 will help the resin dry quicker because the amount of Part B added is equivalent to Part A, but you need to keep in mind that not all formulas are designed to be mixed at a 1 : 1 ratio. Mixing discrepancies from the brand’s ratio will therefore only negate the reaction between the solutions. If you want the resin to dry faster, it should not come from adjusting the ratio, but should be more focused on your location temperature, as the “heat” directly affects the quick drying and hardening of the resin. 
  • The 2 : 1 ratio formula of EASY RESIN will help you to be more calm and detailed in your resin project without having to rush before the resin starts to get sticky.

When all the calculations are completed, you can now start mixing as follows:

  1. Pour Part A down first. If you want to mix resin pigment, you can do so in this step.
  2. Stir Part B into Part A for 5 – 10 minutes, or until well combined.
  3. Do not forget to really stir at the bottom of your mixing container, some people overlooked this point, and their workpieces will dry in some places but remain sticky in others.

For EASY RESIN, you will have a working time (start pouring, coating, casting) of approximately 25 – 30 minutes. After that, the resin will begin to harden into a gel-like form within 40 minutes and will fully harden within 8 – 15 hours, depending on room temperature.


To stir the resin (Part A and Part B), we recommend you to stir the first 3 minutes in one container, then pour it into another container and stir for another 5 minutes, to allow the resin that may not have mixed in the bottom of the first container mix well in the second one.

Now, you all know the important tips before you start mixing Epoxy Resin. If anyone has any additional questions or concerns whether it is about epoxy or any additional techniques, you can ask us directly via the EASY RESIN Facebook page, we are looking forward to help you!